Dermatitis the skin

Dermatitis the skinHypersensitivity hypersensibility to any substance.

Hypothermia body temperature fall.

The throat begins from the basis of language and passes to a trachea.

Glyuten the protein containing in some cereal cultures and intolerable by separate people.

G it is red vypyachivany parts of body or all body through a forward belly wall.

Dehydration liquid loss by an organism.

Arises at intensive loss of liquid or insufficient receipt it in an organism.

Dermatitis the skin inflammation, being accompanied reddenin an itch and other frustration.

Diarrhea a frequent watery chair.

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Let's arrange

Let's arrange Look, what beautiful toys penny whistles at you! Masha has a birdie, and at Vanya a deer.

Let's arrange a wood concert each of animals and birds sings the song! Game can be repeated several times.

Watch, that children blew, without strainin did not overtire.

Game can be carried out as individually, and in group children.

Militiaman Purpose development of a strong smooth exhalation; activization of lip muscles.

Equipment whistles.

Game course Before the beginning of occupation it is necessary to pick up whistles and to choose those from them in which it is easier to blow.

Distribute to children whistles and suggest to play in militiamen.

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Vanya did not return

Vanya did not return I understood, to what degree we became close, inseparable from each other, are unseparable.

Vanya did not return on a former place, did not escape to the gifts.

It began to find two free chairs to sit down nearby.

Drink! You eat! You eat a pancake! You eat a pie! You eat a pie! You eat salad! Why you were not To Pochemun there was you Vanya would like to find out the reason, on which I was late.

All evening Vanya was near me.

Having settled down on a sofa in to the next room, we played new toys, considered the book presented by the father Neznayka on the Moon.

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It is necessary

It is necessary Very much not he will learn to say distinctly soon long chains of multisyllables.

It is necessary to turn on the TV, it is necessary to wipe a sink , it is necessary to defreeze the refrigerator such phrases it would be possible to add ours with it conversations in a room and in kitchen, only hardly at this stage your kid will cope with them.

All this it will tell considerably later, and by then when it can make it, no chains any more will be necessary for it.

But with what pleasure the child repeats that at it begins to turn out! Sarkis sits on a chair, removes boots and puts on slippers.

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How you think, why we again

How you think, why we again There came the great moment in the history of Earth.

Probably, we should become witnesses of improbable changes of a world scale! Drunvalo Melkhisedekpisatel and teacher, organizer of seminars Tsvetokzhizni.

How you think, why we again and again repeat same The brilliant looks absolutely differently,If to look at it from the different points of view and under different corners.

But it is the same brilliant.

Too concerns also reality.

You learn soon that the whole Universe Is stored in your heart.

Consider it under different corners, And you will see the huge world.

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